Welcome to the Chicago Calligraphy Collective—an organization actively engaging in the study, pursuit and enjoyment of this dynamic art of letterforms!


As calligraphers what we love are letters of all kinds; white space; text; the process; ink; gouache; brushes; pens of all sorts—although some you love and some you hate—coke pens and funky tools; paper—yeah, paper, especially handmade paper; watching the ink flow onto the page; sticks and cracks in the sidewalk, and things that look like letters; graffiti; kid’s writing; old handwritten letters; handwriting. We love the smell of sumi; the feel of paper; the sound of a pen on both the down and the upstrokes. We also appreciate the community, as we share new and old information; classes; conferences; blogs; twitters; cool websites; board meetings; and most of all, play dates!

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Fall Meeting Special Presentation October 8, 2016

CCC Members: Please mark your calendars for a special presentation on October 8th by Pam Paulsrud at 1:00pm at the Irish American Heritage Center, 4626 N. Knox Ave., Chicago.   Pam recently traveled to the United Arab Emirates with her Treewhispers project. Join us as she shares her pictures, insights, and experiences exhibiting at the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial and traveling in the region.


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